Sid & Elsie : love across the miles and down the years 4

Another card and poem from Sid to Elsie in 1917.

Sometimes, dear wife, when I’m lonely,
The spell of your magic presence
Will drive away all care and sadness
And brighten my darkest hour
In sunshine and in shadow too
With heart and soul I am longing for you.

Salonica 1917.

To My Daring Wife from
Your ever loving and devoted Husband.
Sid xxxxxx


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Author: SCS Web Editor

Robin Braysher joined the SCS in 2003 and soon after became editor of the Society's journal - 'The New Mosquito' - a role he held until 2008. He then became the Society's web editor, a role he seems unable to shake off. His interest in the campaign comes from his grandfather, Fred, who served as a cyclist with the BSF from 1915 to 1917, mainly in the Struma valley. Opinions expressed in these posts are his and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Society.