Mule Lines : British military mules in the spotlight

I am pleased to announce the publication of a book which describes and honours the service of the military mule. It could be said that mules have had walk-, or trot-on roles in many volumes of military history, but I believe this is the first book in which the British military mule has taken centre stage without having to share the limelight with horses and camels! Continue reading “Mule Lines : British military mules in the spotlight”

Mule Lines : latest news on Muffin

Photograph of Muffin, Adoption Star of the Redwings Horse Sanctuary, and adopted mule of the Salonika Campaign Society.If you are a regular visitor to this web site, or you read our excellent journal, The New Mosquito, you will know that at the start of the centenary we ‘adopted’ Muffin, a rescued mule at a Norfolk horse sanctuary. This is in recognition of the vital role played by mules in the campaign, by keeping the troops supplied and evacuating casualties. We have received this news about Muffin from Redwings Horse Sanctuary …

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Remembering R4/0666436 Pte Jesse Willoughby, ASC

It is not my intention for this website to become an advertising outlet for eBay, but when items belonging to a named member of the BSF appear for sale, it would be a shame not to give him a mention. It always saddens me when these things are no longer in the possession of the family, but hopefully these will go to a good, appreciative home.

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The New Mosquito #36 : September 2017

Members should have received this latest edition of The New Mosquito, by now. Please contact the Society if you are expecting a copy, but haven’t received it.

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Mule Lines : Working Mules

Photograph of Muffin, Adoption Star of the Redwings Horse Sanctuary, and adopted mule of the Salonika Campaign Society.We talk quite a lot about mules in Salonika (or is it just me?), but I wonder how many of us have actually seen mules at work. There are mules in the UK – there is a British Mule Society after all – but until I met our adopted mule, Muffin, last year, I’m not sure that I had ever knowingly seen one. Whilst Muffin has worked hard for Redwings Horse Sanctuary for nearly thirty, it’s been in a fundraising and public relations, rather than a draught or pack role! Continue reading “Mule Lines : Working Mules”