Air Raid!

All was peaceful on Tuesday, February 27th, 1917, until shortly after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, there suddenly appeared what looked like a flock of geese coming from the north. Within seconds, it was realised that they were enemy planes – 15 of them flying in echelon formation. They made straight for Summer Hill camp and the town, dropping one or two bombs on the way on remount depôts.

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“The Sky-Sent Death” by Walter J. R. Turner

My thanks go to SCS member Lucy London for sharing this poem by Walter J. R. Turner (1889–1946), an Australian-born writer, critic and musician who lived in England. The poem is from “The Dark Wind” by W. J. R. Turner (E.P. Button & Co., New York,1920), which is available to view as a free download on Archive.

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Salonika Zeppelin Compass for Sale!

Following on from my article about Bernard Green’s book on Zeppelins, I have received a message from Bernard to say that the compass from the Zeppelin (LZ85) that was shot down over Salonika by the Battleship HMS Agamemnon is to be sold. Continue reading “Salonika Zeppelin Compass for Sale!”

The Story of the LZ85 Compass

My thanks go to Bernard Green who contacted the Society to tell us about his book on Zeppelins, which includes a section on LZ85 – brought down over Salonika on 5 May 1916 – and, in particular, its compass. Bernard very kindly sent a copy of the book so that I can tell you more about it. Continue reading “The Story of the LZ85 Compass”

Faces of Salonika : Daisy Dobbs MM, TFNS

My thanks go to Geoff Botting who has kindly provided these details and photos of his remarkable grandmother, Daisy Dobbs, who was a nurse in Salonika, where she won the Military Medal for her courage. The man she later married, George Botting, was also a holder of the Military Medal; surely a unique occurrence!

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Alan Wakefield speaking at Great War Conference on Saturday 27th April

SCS Chairman, Alan Wakefield, will be speaking at the Great War Forum Conference in Birmingham on Saturday 27th April. His topic will be “First World War Aerial Photography at the Imperial War Museum”. Find out more online here:

How to fly and preserve a First World War combat veteran aeroplane : SE5a

This is a fascinating article about preserving and flying a Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a. This type of aircraft was flown by the RFC (and then the RAF) in Macedonia from about November 1917 onward. Continue reading “How to fly and preserve a First World War combat veteran aeroplane : SE5a”

Away from the Western Front : latest news

The ‘Away from the Western Front’ project has been running since early 2017 and will continue until the start of 2019. It uses the stories of individual men and women to highlight the First World War campaigns in the Middle East, Italy, Africa and the Balkans. Continue reading “Away from the Western Front : latest news”