Salonika Campaign Bibliography


A photograph of a selection of books about the Salonika campaign

This updated bibliography (October 2021) is compiled for the Salonika Campaign Society by Keith Roberts with help from other members of the SCS and of The Great War Forum. It is shared without charge for anyone interested in the campaign.

The intention has been to limit the bibliography to printed books published in English, with links where possible to e-book versions.  Articles in, for example, regimental journals have so far not been included, and wide-ranging works with only a few relevant pages have mostly been excluded. A few exceptions have slipped in, where the item covers significant subjects that are not covered elsewhere. Many official and unit histories will contain references to this campaign and if there are substantial chapters worthy of addition, we will be happy to add the information in future versions of the bibliography, especially unit histories with substantial relevant content.

We have listed the first published editions of books about the campaign and we realise that many of the titles have been reprinted over time. Later editions are not normally listed as these can be found by using established book search websites. ISBN numbers are generally quoted only where the first edition of a book had one.

Keeping the bibliography up to date and adding the books that we have missed

This updated second edition was published in October 2021. If you can help by adding further relevant titles please email   with as much information as possible, or use the contact form on this website.  There will be occasional updates to the bibliography, hopefully timed to coincide with the Society’s Annual meetings which are normally held as close as possible to the 29th September, the anniversary of the Bulgarian Armistice in 1918.

If you share the bibliography with others, please credit the Salonika Campaign Society and mention our website.

Notes about compilation

To the best of the compiler’s ability all entries have been validated by reference to, or to evidence in original or reprinted copies.

The Notes against titles have been assembled from several sources, including personal reviews or examination of volumes, and descriptions from a variety of sources, including the consistently excellent catalogues of Turner Donovan Military Books, and publishers’ blurb. The descriptions have been trimmed so far as seemed possible. For future editions, the compiler would welcome both amendments to the current notes, and brief copy for the titles without notes.