Centenary, 2015-2018

The Salonika Campaign Society marked the centenary of the campaign in a number of ways by:-

  • Attending ceremonies at memorials near Thessaloniki close to the anniversary of the Bulgarian armistice (30 September). These are annual events, but had an enhanced British presence in 2018.
  • With an annual wreath-laying at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in October, which coincided with the Society’s annual meeting.
  • Publishing each September a centenary-themed issue of its journal, The New Mosquito:
    2015 – 10th (Irish) Division in Serbia
    2016 – operations in the Struma valley (XVI Corps)
    2017 – the First Battle of Doiran (XII Corps)
    2018 – The Year of Victory
  • Leading battlefield tours – appropriately themed – for members and non-members alike. 2015 saw a successful visit to the area of operations by 10th (Irish) Division in Serbia, followed in 2016 by the first extensive visit to the Struma (Strymon) Valley. The 2017 tour coincided with the centenary of the First Battle of Doiran and spent a week examining the battlefield followed, in 2018, by a ‘Year of Victory’ tour.
  • Helping to preserve key locations on the former battlefields associated with the British Salonika Force. Specific to this is an effort to preserve ‘HQ House’ in recognition of the part played by 10th (Irish) Division in the initial advance into, and withdrawal from, Serbia in 1915.
  • Sponsoring a mule – Muffin – at the Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk in recognition of the vital role played by animal transport during the campaign, especially pack mules, in supply and casualty evacuation. Muffin is now an honorary member of the SCS. The SCS is also a member of the British Mule Society.
  • Enhancing this website and producing other resources to help those researching the campaign, especially those with relatives who served; many Society members have such a connection.
  • By participating in the 2015 Ring of Peace initiative which passed a message of peace between one hundred countries on 21 September 2015. Appropriately, the SCS representative passed the message to the representative of a society in Bulgaria which celebrates the life of Bulgarian intellectual, Geo Milev, who served in the Bulgarian Army, was wounded on the Doiran Front and was murdered in a purge in 1925.

Salonika Campaign Society logo with 100 in numbers and mosquitoes in the noughts

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