The New Mosquito #1 : April 2000

Last October I promised to start providing details of back issues of the Society’s journal, The New Mosquito. Six months on, with nothing yet achieved, I’d better get cracking – especially as another issue will be out later this month!

I said I wouldn’t be doing this chronologically, but it would be perverse not to start at the beginning with Issue Number 1, which came out 17 years ago this month. Given the significance of this issue, it seems appropriate to repeat the opening editorial:

Welcome to the first issue of ‘The New Mosquito’. One of the most important parts of the old Salonika Reunion Association was the magazine ‘The Mosquito’. Veterans submitted their reminiscences and renewed old contacts through this very capably produced publication. In honour of this tradition, we submit our own much inferior version! Issues will be produced twice yearly, in April and September, in honour of those two big attacks by the British forces in April 1917 and September 1918. In order for this to work, of course, like the original ‘Mosquito’. we need your work and ideas and comments … This first issue has a very “Doiran” feel with articles about someone who served there and a famous old battalion who fought there for virtually their whole time in Salonika. There is also a bit of poetry thrown in. The Committee of the Society hope you find it interesting and useful. Enjoy!

The New Mosquito issue number 1 : April 2000

  • Edited by Simon Moody
  • 9 photocopied pages (including front cover)



Society News

With the [9th] King’s Own Royal Lancaster in Macedonia

By Major Sir Thomas Harley, MBE, MC, DL

Covering the Battalion’s service with the BSF from its landing in November 1915 to demob in February 1919, the text of the article was first published in The Mosquito and then in Salonika Memories 1915-18, the commemorative booklet marking the winding up of the Salonika Reunion Association in the 1960s. To this text have been added two sketch maps, two photographs of Hill 340 on the Doiran Front and a photograph from 1980 of Major Harley with Trevor Tasker, inaugural Chairman of the SCS.

The 7th Battalion, The Wiltshire Regiment

By Alan S. Wakefield

A ‘Kitchener’ volunteer battalion which served with 26th Division (79th Brigade) in Macedonia from November 1915 until June 1918 when it moved to the Western Front. The Battalion suffered heavily in the First Battle of Doiran, one hundred years ago this month. The article is illustrated with a map of the Doiran battlefield and photographs.

The Poetry of Captain Arthur James Mann, RAF

By Simon Moody

Better known for his book, The Salonika Front, Captain Mann also produced his own volume of poetry, Balkan Fancies and other poems. He wrote the poems ‘as a wholly personal antidote against Balkan “ennui”‘ whilst serving as Recording Officer for the Salonika Balloon Company, RFC. The article, illustrated with photographs, reproduces the poem, Road Makers.

 Then and Now: Lahana/Lahanas

The first in an occasional series comparing First World War photographs with the same locations today. Lahana was an important nodal point on the old Salonika/Seres road and was home to 27 Casualty Clearing Station and 17 Squadron RFC. The former CCS cemetery became the modern CWGC cemetery in Lahanas.

Front cover of 'The New Mosquito' issue number 1, April 2000


Author: Andy Hutt

Andy's interest in the campaign comes from his grandfather, Arthur, who served in Salonika as a sapper with the Royal Engineers from 1916-1918. Opinions expressed in these posts are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Society.

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