SCS Trench Map DVDs : terms and conditions

All the material on this DVD set, apart from the National Archives material, ER Viewer software, the George Bain material and material that is in the public domain or copyright unknown is Copyright ©2018 the Salonika Campaign Society.

A great deal of time, money and effort has gone into the production of these DVDs. Please DO NOT dishonour the memory of the BSF by making illegal copies of these DVDs or distributing any of the maps.


I. Copying, duplication, reproduction

You are free to print off sections of or entire maps for your own personal use. They may also be used as teaching aids for talks or lectures etc.

II. Selling, hiring

Any selling or hiring of these DVDs is expressly forbidden without the written consent of the SCS.

III. Distribution

You may not distribute copies of these DVDs, neither may the maps be used in any handouts either digital or using any other format to any third party without the written consent of the SCS.

IV. Commercial or personal use

You may make copies of the material on these DVDs for private use only; but not for commercial gain.

V. Licenses

You may not reproduce any of the maps on these DVDs without obtaining the written consent of the SCS.

By not obtaining a licence, use of the work may be considered in breach of copyright.

VI. Right to be identified as the author

The SCS are the exclusive owners of the copyright of the trench maps on these DVDs (excluding the National Archives material).

By accessing the maps on these DVDs you are implicitly accepting the above conditions.

All rights reserved.

Any unauthorised selling or copying will constitute an infringement of copyright.

Support Issues or Queries

Please email any issues or queries to:

The Committee of the SCS is grateful to ERDAS for granting permission for their software to be included in this DVD set.

December 2018