SCS Trench Map DVDs

This is the resource that no one interested in the Salonika campaign can afford to be without!

An image of a sample map from the SCS DVD set of trench maps and other material relating to the campaign.

The SCS Trench Map Collection now consists of two DVDs.  New trench and sketch maps purchased from the National Archives, plus newly donated maps and material have been added to the original collection.  We now have at least one map to cover every area of importance to the British Salonika Force. The collection now contains 162 maps / sketches.

There are areas that were of importance to allied forces and areas mapped by British forces but of minor military importance which have had to be excluded on the grounds of cost.

The National Archives charged the SCS for providing scans of the new maps and, in addition to this cost, 10% of all DVD sales (+ VAT) have to be paid to them. We were, though, able to choose from their definitive archive of several hundred maps.  Given these additional costs the DVD prices have been revised as follows:

In addition to the new trench maps, other material on the DVDs includes:

  • an 87-page personal account by Illtyd Davies, who served with ‘B’ Battery 100th Brigade RFA (with 22nd Division)
  • ten ‘78s’ of music recorded by the ‘Roosters’ Concert Party.

The contents are now as follows:

Disc 01

  • Books (>80 PDFs)
  • Cigarette Cards (11)
  • Collections (3)
  • Roosters Concert Party (10 MP3 files)
  • Personal Accounts (2)
  • Photographs (64)
  • Postcards (73)
  • The Balkan News (1)

Disc 02

  • 162 Trench / Sketch Maps
  • Manual of Map Reading
  • Five articles regarding Map Making in Salonika
  • Trench Maps Gazetteer
  • Old & Modern Names of Trench Map Locations

Please read the terms and conditions of use of the DVDs and their contents carefully.

To find out more or order a copy, please contact SCS Membership Secretary, Keith Edmonds: