The New Mosquito #42 : September 2020

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The New Mosquito issue number NM42: September 2020

  • Edited by Ian Cochrane
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  • September 2020 Battlefield Tour
  • Royal British Legion Field of Remembrance
  • AGM and Wreath Laying
  • Commemorations in Greece

Sustaining Artillery Operations in Mountainous Terrain During the Salonika Campaign of 1915-1918 – Logistic and Equipment Support Implications

By Syndicate Group 3 (Exercise Aegean Wolf 16) – Royal Logistics Corps

Coalition Operations: Challenges and Opportunities of Subordination to the French. How did Coalition Operations Affect Political Will to Act and the Availability of Combat Power to the Salonika Front?

By Captain Alex Howes, Royal Logistics Corps

Arthur Jack Hutt, Sapper 30963 – A Gloucestershire Lad in Salonika

By Andy Hutt

Sapper Hutt was in Salonika with 17th Field Company, Royal Engineers, from January 1916 to December 1918.

38218 James Thornley A/99 R.F.A. – A Soldier’s Life Part 3 – Let Battle Commence

By John Taylor

This takes the story of James Thornley – who served as a signaller with the RFA on the Doiran front – from later 1916 to spring 1917.

Salonika again, seconded to the Ministry of Munitions – September 1919

By Howard E Palmer (edited by Hilary A. Jones)

In his last article, he was surveying beyond Lake Doiran. After wrapping up 138 Siege Battery in May 1919 … [he] reflected that demand for gunners in peacetime would be limited – but supplies would always be needed. So he transferred regiment to the Army Ordnance Corps …

Abridged excerpts from his memoir, A Kind of Soldiering © 1974-2019.

Mule Column

By Muffin

The latest news from Muffin, with a fascinating photo from the IWM collection showing machine gun mules of 7/Wiltshire (IWM Q 32127).

Committee members

Author: SCS Web Editor

Robin Braysher joined the SCS in 2003 and soon after became editor of the Society's journal - 'The New Mosquito' - a role he held until 2008. He then became the Society's web editor, a role he seems unable to shake off. His interest in the campaign comes from his grandfather, Fred, who served as a cyclist with the BSF from 1915 to 1917, mainly in the Struma valley. Opinions expressed in these posts are his and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Society.