1st Garrison Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment in Salonika

If you look though our order of battle of the British Salonika Force you will not find any mention of the Northamptonshire Regiment. This being the case, I was puzzled to receive an enquiry from Simon Gale who has documentary evidence that his great-grandfather, of 1st Garrison Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment, had been in Salonika. Continue reading “1st Garrison Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment in Salonika”

BBC Four on Sunday 4th at 10pm : Arena – Stanley (Spencer) and His Daughters

The artist Stanley Spencer, who served with the BSF and produced the marvellous paintings at Sandham Memorial Chapel (NT), is the subject of a television documentary as part of the Arena strand on BBC Four at 10pm on Sunday 4th February. Focussing as it does on his family and private life, it is unlikely to feature much about the Salonika campaign – but you never know! Read more about the documentary here:

Faces of Salonika : Frank Whitehead, 13/Manchesters

My thanks go to  Caroline Booth and Joseph Travis for sharing with us their fascinating and detailed blog – A Year of War – about their grandfather/great-grandfather, Frank Whitehead, who served in Salonika in 1918. Frank served with 13/Manchesters, which was in 22nd Division, 66th Brigade on the Doiran Front. Continue reading “Faces of Salonika : Frank Whitehead, 13/Manchesters”

Review : Daring All Things: The autobiography of George Kendall (1881-1961)

At the end of 2016 we announced the imminent publication of Daring All Things: The autobiography of George Kendall (1881-1961). George Kendall was a hugely experienced war chaplain who briefly served in Salonika with 22nd Division before succumbing to the inevitable malaria and dysentery. In the post-war years he was closely involved in the development of war cemeteries, which culminated in the process to select the body of the ‘Unknown Warrior’. This is a good opportunity to remind you that the book is for sale and to share with you this recent review from Church Times:

The book is published by Helion & Company Ltd and we can expect to hear more about it this year as we approach the centenary of the end of the conflict.

Mule Lines : latest news on Muffin

Photograph of Muffin, Adoption Star of the Redwings Horse Sanctuary, and adopted mule of the Salonika Campaign Society.If you are a regular visitor to this web site, or you read our excellent journal, The New Mosquito, you will know that at the start of the centenary we ‘adopted’ Muffin, a rescued mule at a Norfolk horse sanctuary. This is in recognition of the vital role played by mules in the campaign, by keeping the troops supplied and evacuating casualties. We have received this news about Muffin from Redwings Horse Sanctuary …

Continue reading “Mule Lines : latest news on Muffin”

Salonika Battlefield Tour : 23-28 April 2018

The Cultural Experience of Salisbury is running a six day centenary tour in April 2018 entitled, Salonika – War in the Birdcage, led by our very own Alan Wakefield. You will find more details online here: