‘The New Mosquito’ #6 : September 2002

I have jumped forward a couple of years for this next issue, which contains the first of a two part article on 8th Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry by Tony Richards, who served as SCS Treasurer for a number of years. This first part includes an account of the Battalion’s role in the First Battle of Doiran.

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‘The New Mosquito’ #1 : April 2000

Last October I promised to start providing details of back issues of the Society’s journal, The New Mosquito. Six months on, with nothing yet achieved, I’d better get cracking – especially as another issue will be out later this month! Continue reading “‘The New Mosquito’ #1 : April 2000”

The New Mosquito : the Society’s Journal

There are many benefits to membership of the Salonika Campaign Societyyou can find them listed here – but an especially valuable, tangible one is our journal which is produced twice a year, in April and September. The New Mosquito started life in April 2000 as a photocopied newsletter of just nine pages; now it is a glossy, professionally printed journal of at least 28 pages – the Struma Special was an impressive 38 – and when appropriate (and funds permit) it includes colour pictures! Continue reading “The New Mosquito : the Society’s Journal”